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Do you know if your business has an online presence? A simple way to find out is by checking your top-performing keywords through insights like “Search Terms” such as “brand Near Me.” By leveraging search and insights, you can identify trending searches across Google.

It’s interesting to note that nearly half (46%) of all Google searches consist of users seeking local information. These local searches consist of people looking for businesses in their local area or within a specific service area. By identifying popular and relevant searches that your business hasn’t yet targeted, you can capture more demand from your existing target market.

Search term insights can help you discover what consumers are interested in. This information can inspire new ideas for your business, such as creating blog posts to promote your products and services. One single keyword could drastically change your entire business. For example, you might come up for car sales but not for car finance.

At RYT, we recently performed an audit and discovered that a client’s top 10 keywords/search terms were all related to their business name. While this is good for local SEO, we found that the 11th keyword/search term, which was product-related, only had 94 searches. In our opinion, this business was not benefiting from Google. They have thousands of products and services keywords to offer Google, and with our introduction package priced at $295, we can offer 16 keywords that will last as long as the business does. By increasing their online presence, the upside potential is huge.

At RYT, we help businesses shine a light on the power of Google. For one similar business profile in Ireland, we averaged 700K organic views from a population of 5 million, which equates to 1 in 8 people on average per month. Imagine the potential profits!
We want to help more customers find you. Contact us for a free audit and proposal today and take advantage of the opportunities for sales, finance, brand development, relevance, and more. Let us help you take your business to the next level with the RYT way..

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