Data Planning & Set Up


Discover the latest data, insights, and inspiration from Google and your business through RYT Media

What you get

  •  Portfolio on Google Drive on all the things you can do to up scale your business
  • Couple of consultations instore and online
  • Access to a mobile number of a local Representative you can Whatz app your ideas to and can ask you questions or a mail box
  •  Full report will include things your business needs to grow oversight
    • Calls
    • Directions ( In-store visits )
    • SEO
    • Content
    • Services’  and more
  • Actionable plan you can either do yourself or outsource

This data will be hugely beneficial and could make and business 10 X or 100 X Returns Depends on the quality of the work done from the proposal, wither way we can sign post you after or do it RYT.

Businesses that use data-driven (personalized) marketing strategies have multiples of more ROI than businesses that don’t. As the CEO of RYT Media, many of my decisions are made with analytics & data in mind. I need to see what is working and what isn’t and why ?

Call for an example, we will do the first oversight call for free and then we can go from their if you need it in a document planning which will include more for 295.00



How to Create a Data-Driven Marketing Plan · Building Your Marketing Plan ·  Find and Segment Your Target Market. We Set Goals and record the DATA Live with data planning.

Marketers must tap into data collected to gain insights into behaviors, preferences, tastes, and habits of their target audience before making changes that will improve their conversion rates. This is where data works with us and new data against us as we try to capitalize on the data we are missing and should be achieved

With the right data-management plan, marketers can gain a clear view of customer journeys across channels and devices,

RYT Media is a Data-Driven company, with vast knowledge across the board,

Leading marketers break down data, focus on transparency, and try to educate the business about their marketing data.


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