$250 Million Per Year on Advertising Every Year for over 10 Years + .

Traffic & Footfall

Google is the Face of your businesses online, you’re website in most cases is a stand alone without the Google Search Engine which covers 90 percent of the Worldwide Market!

Yet we find most clientèle budgets in their businesses will primarily focus on social channels and other areas of development which don’t get us wrong is great and is also important!, And that means they understand the importance of traction footfall, development through things like content and branding etc.

So where are we going with this: Lets give an example so we can put this into context,

One of our Google Authorized Representatives recently was approached by a Store Manager for Their Flag Ship Store in London this is well known World Wide Brand, looking to track performance KPIs to see the Customer Path to Purchases and so on, through analytical data, which Google, Analytics provides and records regardless of what or where your business is once you are on Google so yes that’s pretty much you and most businesses!

In the US alone this Brands spent over $250.00 Million Per Year every year, for over 10 years on Advertising ongoing according to Statistica.com

Yet they hadn’t allocated any Budget to the Development of their local Maps page / Google Page which was organically receiving over 800K Views Every 28 Days, that’s nearly 10 Million Per Year, More than that Establishment Website, Social Channels, combined and was their main stream of income and biggest first and last point of contact. ( Unknown to them )

Never underestimate the power of Google and the people who Search for your business’s product and service!. Relevance and quality in this era are everything. We are in a World of Data and knowledge and it’s your business’s business to keep people informed or how will they know?

Contact us today to see how your business is performing, or how it should be performing.

We have over a 95 % Retention Rate here at Google Agencies RYT Media.

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