Advertising and the importance of sustainable strategies – SEO V AD

This is applicable to all business owners, developers, marketers’ and those alike whom are in search of the method RESULT* Here we talk about SEO vs ADS so you can drive sales consistently or even Fast.

Something I am asked about all to often. As it comes with great appeal!

“In the ever-changing landscape of the digital age, the allure of running Google AD for one’s online business can be tempting. The promise of immediate results, increased traffic and conversions, seems almost too good to be true. And in many ways, it is.

While Paid advertising can certainly bring short-term success, it is not a sustainable model for long-term growth. The cost of running Ads can quickly spiral out of control, and if one were to stop running them, the resulting drop in traffic would be significant & in most cases Conversions.

This is where the true value of organic SEO becomes apparent. By building a strong foundation through SEO, one can attract a higher quality of customer, as well as establish a more sustainable, long-term strategy for success.

To that end, I recommend utilizing both advertising and SEO in tandem, particularly for businesses earning in the vicinity of a few hundred thousand to a few million dollars a year. Initially, running ads and SEO together can provide valuable insights and help to bridge any quiet periods. But as the business grows, it is important to focus on sustainable development and infrastructure, rather than relying solely on ads.

It is also crucial to consider the true cost of advertising, not just in terms of financial expenditure, but also in terms of resource allocation and the longevity of results. Working with a reputable agency can help to ensure that the focus is not only on immediate results, but also on the long-term health > image and success of the business.

In the end, Ads can be a valuable tool, but it should not be viewed as a supplement to a sustainable business strategy. Rather, it should be approached as a short-term solution to a long-term problem. With this mindset, the true value of advertising – and all other aspects of building a successful online business – can be fully realized.”

“In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape, it is essential for a brand to have the right infrastructure in place in order to succeed. This includes ensuring that data is accurate and consistent across all platforms, that the brand is visually representative and user-friendly, and that customers are clear on what they can expect.

My solution for achieving this is a multifaceted approach that begins with setting up key tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. These platforms allow me to track customer behavior and gather valuable data on where my audience is coming from, which pages are performing well, and which products are seeing the most traffic. Sending traffic from my Ads through the funnel as mentioned.

Armed with this in-depth data, I am able to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources and focus my efforts. I can identify which products require further development and which are no longer performing. I can also identify target market demographics, including age groups, locations, and times of day, as well as what is currently in trend.

All these information allows me to optimize the user journey and conversion methods, fine-tune SEO and development and increase conversion rate. By using this data-driven approach, I am able to create a sustainable strategy that is tailored to the specific needs and wants of our customers.”

So would I run and Ad, Yes* but I would use it outside of its soul initial purpose I would use it as a road map to better our Path To Purchase and using the profits from this to continue my endeavors with my clients for a faster turnaround time

“As a marketing expert, I believe in the value of advertising, but not solely for the purpose of generating immediate profits. Instead, I use advertising as a tool to map out the customer’s journey and identify areas for improvement in our Path to Purchase. With this information, I am able to make data-driven decisions that ultimately lead to a faster turnaround time for my clients. The profits generated from the Ads are then re-invested into continuing to improve the customer’s experience and drive conversions.

So to sum up, Google SEO is a long-term strategy with consistent performance month over month, Google Ads is a short-term strategy that can be adjusted and optimized month over month.

Also, You want to be able to walk away from your business with a backed system, that runs* and is brick and mortar instore and online.

If you don’t lay the path ’embed the data’ no one else will. You will leave them and you with no where to walk or no where to find you.

Start your business path to purchase with us today.

Jordan Kidney

Google Authorized Representative

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