One small Example of How, ‘Google’ may Work

How it works.

Google works on a ranking system / points system, basically through its Maps, as the world and the system is built around maps of people coming and going looking for product’s and Service’s

For instance to make this is easy to understand, for every click, a point, view, interaction, call, request you get a point etc.

Your job is too make sure you create lots of points of contact through clear and concise data.

More points the higher the climb,

If Google sees you are providing the end user with the information they need, Google is more likely to send them your way, we compile that information from that data about you and the end user to the next researcher/Googler so the Google machine/A.I can build/create a better path, so the customer is fur fulling and finding what they need consistently, that’s why you will find me mentioning about the path to purchase, everyone helps to create that path, but if the data isn’t their its hard to create that initial point of contact.

Meaning ( The data from multiple contact points matches from search to buy, and the customer didn’t have to search again, over several instances shows the need of the end user is found )

Example 2. How A.I was originally formed was through images layered on top each other 2 where dogs one was a cat, eventually the computer could tell the difference between one and other, by constantly compiling the image’s in a data base, One layer sitting on another till it matches, creating a Yes and a No. Their for Decision Making. I mention this because it ties in, if you are meeting the needs of the system it keeps saying Yes then Bingo we’ve created a path. #database

Tip: Even having you profile active online and open will improve overall performance, especially prompt responses on top of that!

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