Click-through rate (CTR)

What Is CTR & How to Convert More Customers

Google Ads: 280 / 1

What does that mean, for every 280 people that search for your business by name type service, etc. you will get one physical customer,

So if 280 people search for Bar Near Me and Your Business shows you will get one physical customer, regardless of how they found you if your service is applicable

Our job as an agency and your job as a business is to create a better CTR ratio,

So the more people that find you, the more customers you will be able to convert, but once that traffic reaches its peak đź—» example no.1 rank on Google we then work on the CTR.

By offering better service offers, better purchase paths, better content, etc.

We then build from the user Journey Backwards, by finding out how and why the user dropped off and didn’t create a call to action a purchase or an in-store visit

The Power Of Data, Analysis & Analytics

Transparency is always Key & the User is our Learner

Traffic is easy it just takes time as shown, the conversion is the Key!



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