10’s of Thousands in Lost revenue for everyone’s local business. Why?

that’s the difference between doing something once and getting someone to maintain it #consistently‘ even if it looks like just a few photos etc. to the untrained eye

800 website Visits Less ⬇️
600 Calls Less⬇️
30K Photos Less ⬇️
90 Direction Requests Less ⬇️

EVERY 28 Days – Sums on this would be £10.00 average sale multiplied by 700 P/m at a minimum = 7000.00 X that again P/m x 12 = 84K Per Year Min. just for not updating your page regularly and keeping it relevant

So in the content the imagery screenshot is the difference between two months this year, the one with all green arrows and high numbers is where the page was being regularly maintained at the start of the year #consistently and actively, the following image is where the business had a tough patch and decided to not do any advertising for awhile. And ended up being counter effective.

Also we don’t count in growth as a loss as we can’t factor in what we have not achieved but could of, and we also go from the lowest numbers, as they can be dramatic

As you can tell the impact is deathtremental imo this is why it is so important to sit down with clients and understand the analytical data and more about your business, Google is he’s main revenue stream and is for most restaurants and takeaways but we know that as it’s our job, but sometimes getting the message across is not so easy to communicate as transparent as the data may seam.

Positive from this is we now both know the problem and that’s half the battle.

Q. ‘Jordan we need to get those numbers back up to where they were’

Please not the business knows I share this data as it is insightful to others as it should be.



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