The RYT Media standard ‘RIGHT < RYT' ..

RYT Media Ltd. is a Google Organisation & Agencies who’ve interacted with 100s of businesses and owners and googlers

Attached in this document below you will see what we do for local businesses and world wide, putting businesses on the map and help millions of people everywhere every month make in formed decision digitally !

Our Google Authorized Representatives are represented by Google the Brand, & RYT Media.

Ensuring Data is correct < correctly inputted, set up, transparent to the reader and the businesses giving clear and concise information < data with the over-all goal of helping the end user < Google organise the World’s Data.

All parties involved benefit from this service, Google, RYT Media, The Business & the Searchers < Googler

Some aspects in the Document below, will help you understand what you and we can do!

Tip : You can have all the traffic in world but if it doesn’t look good it won’t convert and Google knows your site isn’t converting so it will send the traffic elsewhere

Google is the face of your business online.

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Jordan Kidney

Google Authorized Representative
Founder RYT Media Ltd. Ireland, England & Wales
Phone: +353 (87) 399 9924