Exciting new business in Cork

We’re thrilled to announce our latest dealership listing, which will mark our 8th dealership development in Ireland and England in just 1 too 2 year’s. Through this we’ve gained invaluable insights into what works – and what doesn’t – in terms of search terms and user behavior. For instance, did you know that there are over one million searches each month in central London for the term BMW? It’s just one example of the kind of data we’ve been able to collect.

Other important factors include related terms like finance, as well as longer tail keywords such as “5 door hyundai silver i10 on finance.”

Additionally, we’ve found that informative content and the “real feel” factor are both crucial to driving engagement and sales.
Another interesting discovery has been the variation in search behavior across different areas. Heat maps have shown us that certain brands are more popular in certain regions and post codes than others, which is why we’ve recommended geo-tagging on ads on various platforms.

Insider data allowed us to find hubs where traction was high so we could allocate more budget where applicable, and less where where traction was low based on previous year’s data within that company!

We’re excited to continue our growth trajectory and help even more dealerships get theirs online, and for costumers alike to be able to leave reviews and find their own insights for the better . Follow us for more updates on our latest listings and industry insights.

In the mean time check out Dave Tobin Cars Cork, whom we’ve help just set up in the automotive industry with his fresh business profile!

I’m sure this business will see a lot traction over the coming days < years, we also personally recommend david as we’ve had the joy of working with him the past it’s good to have nice people in this industry as it’s a difficult one by many means, i’ve always said the motor industry is no joke,which is probably why we love it!. 😉

📲☎🗺 Link to Business Listing: https://g.co/kgs/AEzK7V



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