G-Searching, Business & Finding ClientsIn an forever evolving society.

A very simple way of knowing if you’re business has presence online is checking your top performing keywords through insights , “Search Terms” like your “brand Near Me”

Search & insights help you identify trending searches across Google, so we can leverage them

Did you know Nearly half (46%) of all Google searches consist of users seeking local information. These local searches consist of people searching for businesses in their local area or within a specific service area.

You’ll see opportunities to capture more demand from your existing target market, as well as popular and relevant searches that your business haven’t yet targeted.

Search term insights can help you see what consumers may be interested in. This info can spark new ideas for your business or new content, such as blog posts to promote your products and services to promote, one single key word could drastically change your whole business! You might come up for car sales but do you come up for car finance ?

Why am I sharing this with you? On one audit last week we noticed that out of their top 10 keywords/search terms where all related to the businesses name ( Terms equmilate to a large portion of new business, local SEO is best for leveraging this )

The 11th Keyword/search term was Product related which is good but only had 94 searches, so was the business benefiting from Google, in my opinion no,

This business has 1000s of products and services keywords to offer Google and from even out introduction package of 295.00 will have huge upside as we offer 16 keywords that last as long as the business does, its presence is so low and the upside is x potentially huge

That’s just the basics I gave the business that shows and I hope it shines light through the power of Google to more businesses

On one similar business profile we do in Ireland we averaged 700K views from a population of 5 Million organically, so that’s 1 in 8 people on average P/m, this is a similar business ( Time is a difference here having the work done RYT, the loss in profit here for the business is unknown, let’s just say the profits will be exponential)

( We have done similar numbers in other big cities )

Let us help more customers find you, with a free audit and proposal today!

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