Google Agencies RYT Media - Example Client Proposal

Google Agencies RYT Media – Example Client Proposal

This abstract was taken from an actionable proposal we gave a customer and we took out the clients names for discretion. Almost everything in this document matches the original proposal, if you are a business owner/runner or similar you need to read this.

Hey XYZ,

We Hope that you’re achieving the best in life, and this email serves its best purpose to give you what you desire; A push-start!

To present a way to MAXIMISE your business’s growth based on what you have accomplished so far. Here’s how you can convert your present return to over one Million Per Year Per Store!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

According to Google analytics and data statistics, your XYZ company is reaching happy ####k views with roaring results. But what if we tell you that with investment, we can grow this to X2 or X4 or More?

It makes you wonder where this opportunity has been all along!

Even though “saying” isn’t believing, “seeing” surely is. You can evaluate our algorithm and strategies yourself to believe it. Our master plan consists of these fundamental elements:

We analyze the ranking factors needed for your brand to appear more readily, more frequently, and more prominently. Adding terms like xyz near me, searches, services, description’s, product types etc…

It may seem simple but adding some hefty 100’s+ more search hits on Google Search every month! Has a substantial impact on your business, why do you think clients pay for Ads?

Let me give you a visualized look at how your charts will be 6 to 12 months from now:

This can be your company once we get your company in the top 3 search terms/ranking factors with double the traffic up to 30,000+ views. We agree that it does not happen overnight. The process may be long, but it is worth it.

We cannot do it without you! Here’s where your part comes in. We can provide you with more organic views from the direct search of “…” and transfer those people directly to you. ( Example May be 20K Views from the term Car Dealer )

 Each view guarantees you an interaction ratio of 1 out of 280.

You might ask why but we have our numbers straight, which makes us competent in our work. It has been proven that for every 280 customers, you get one physical customer. Better businesses have a lower conversion as this is just a .35% Conversion rate.

We divide 280 into our 20’000 = 14 sales per Month Extra

14 Sales per Month with an average cost per sale at €12’500

That makes €12’500 X 14 = €175’000 Per Month in Sales

With a grand return of €2’100’100.00 Per Year!

Lost in the numbers? Let us simplify it for you.

Suppose you own a hair salon and have entered all the details, including your address. Whenever someone searches “salon near me” or “salon open now,” you will appear at the top. This would be the result of our collective effort. The success story doesn’t end here as

If we have 1000 Interactions – We will see 3 Physical Customers

If we grow to 2000 – we will see 7 Physical Customers (Min)

More direct traffic through search = More Conversions

Remember in some cases interaction ratio will be a lot higher for example, shop near me might see one in every 5 or 10, or garage, etc. service type businesses

According to RYT Media and Jordan Kidney, your Google Authorized Representative, this can be possible. But the core fundamental is the budget that is yet to build….

So how can you ace it all with only a small investment?

 You may notice that some companies appear on the top while others don’t. That is all due to relevance, distance, and prominence and click through rate from this. But this doesn’t end here.

The real magic behind it is our algorithms. Whenever someone searches for XYZ, our algorithms decide which places serve the customer’s needs in the best way possible and thus rank it at the top!

Even after hearing this all, you have the right to question, WHY US? And what can we give your company that others can’t?

Working with us is all about knowing what’s best for you. There are two sides to this story, so in a sense, it’s a win-win. We get a permanent and successful client story, and you get exceptional support, growth factor, and achievement strategy with us with a low cost Investment & a high R.O.I with a minimum to no work involved for the client/user.

Having worked with top brands, we know what it takes to stay at the top of your business agenda.

On the next 3+ months, we have be building on this strategy, and within the next 6-12 weeks, we will work side by side to develop it on a small and easy budget. Week in and week out, our consistent and collective efforts will show the results you yearn for!

It’s not a one-word solution. In fact, we are providing Google, your company, and your target customers a showcase of 100+ words that aid in your favor. And the customers our mission is to help Google to organize this data as Authorized Representatives we are helping customers find you for a service you already provide.

This persistent and vigorous endeavor has ROI like no other! The best part? It’s ever-lasting/lasts as long as your business does and forever growing!

Caught your eye and are interested in seeing more? Don’t hesitate to schedule a call!

Want to know more? We’re more than glad to share the numbers of our present contented customers for discussion. After all, our actions will always speak louder than words!

Jordan Kidney

Google Authorized Representive

Google Agencies RYT media Cork & London


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