How to Set up to Find Lost Sales & Recover Revenue

Why you might be losing customers and sales and how to get them back, and why the sale didn’t go through.

We forward the details of the customer/purchases that didn’t go through in the image shown, to our clients, this is from their websites we manage and systems we have in place, they then follow up with the customer usually getting the sale back in most cases as well making it a solid revenue stream.

Below is a simple reason why a sale might not go through!

In most cases, there is a very high ratio of closed sales from this, as you never know why the customer’s order failed.

If we’re considering reasons why a customer might fail to complete a purchase on their side due to issues unrelated to the pricing, user experience, or convenience factors, here are two additional examples with potential causes:

Example 1: Technical Issues
1. Internet connectivity problems:
– Unstable or weak internet connection leading to a dropped connection during the checkout process.
– Network outage or disruption preventing the completion of the transaction.
2. Payment gateway errors
– Technical issues with the payment gateway or processor preventing
or the customer’s chosen payment method.

Example 2: Payment-related Factors
1. Insufficient funds:
– The customer’s bank account or credit card lacks the necessary funds to complete the purchase.
– Daily spending limits imposed by the bank are exceeded.
2. Credit card declines:
– The customer’s credit card is declined due to issues such as an expired card, incorrect information, or suspicious activity triggers.
– The customer’s bank blocks the transaction as a security measure.
– The customer’s payment method requires additional security steps (e.g., two-factor authentication) that they are unable or unwilling to complete.
3. PayPal or digital wallet issues:
– Technical problems or account issues with the customer’s PayPal or digital wallet service.
– The customer encounters difficulties linking or accessing their digital wallet during the checkout process.
5. Payment method unavailability:
– The customer’s preferred payment method is not accepted by the website or is temporarily unavailable.
– Limited payment options offered by the website do not align with the customer’s preferences or capabilities.

These examples highlight some additional factors that can contribute to cart abandonment on the customer’s side, such as technical difficulties and payment-related challenges.

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