Improving your Performance on Google Search

For over 50 Different search queries we rank in the Top 5.

Out of possible few 100 stores. Google sends costomers our way, buy why ? and why ranking number one on Google doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, as there are many other factors that can influence your business performance, such as the quality of your products or services, your pricing strategy, your marketing efforts, and your customer service. However if the customer journey starts and ends with you Google will send more traffic your way, building a path to purchase.

Relevance is key, when we work on the site, listing etc. customers & Google know we are active and the footfall and interaction develops, even having your listing open online can help with performance.

Nealy 2000 photos added to this Google listing alone & over 15’000 keywords.


We create a path to purchase, are you open to more business?
The RYT way…


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Jordan Kidney

Google Authorized Representative
Founder RYT Media Ltd. Ireland, England & Wales
Phone: +353 (87) 399 9924