Key Factor for you & the Customer In-store & Online!

Throughout the process of building, developing, and growing your website or app, it’s important to constantly analyze and use data to help guide your decisions. This approach will help you create a better path to purchase for you and your customers, while also providing valuable insights to support your development efforts. Overall, taking a transparent and data-driven approach to setting up and growing your website or app from the first click can help you achieve success and drive meaningful impact for your business.

If something doesn’t work, you will know, as it will show.

Remember, over 70% of people in many local areas view a product online before making a purchase, and purchasers often visit a local store within 7 days. Knowing your audience is knowing your customers. Understanding who they are and where they come from is a key growth area.

Gathering data when your business starts to grow will put you in a great position regardless of your position. You don’t want to find yourself in a harder position later, not knowing what did and didn’t work, simply because the data wasn’t there.

Example: I did this in March and it worked.

Example: We were busy the second week of February on Tuesday because we got #influencers involved, etc. who had 100’s of thousands of followers so our traffic, sales X4

Please note, our posts are based on recent discussions and activities! How else would we know ?



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