Want to Expand your knowledge use these valuable resources from Google available to everyone Free !

Want to Expand your knowledge use these valuable resources from Google available to everyone Free ! 🌟

“Great for anyone with staff and team members too whom you want to manage your tasks to grow your business”

Are you looking to enhance your skills and stay ahead in today’s digital landscape? Look no further! Here’s a roundup of various Google training programs and certifications that can benefit professionals across all industries:


1️⃣ Google Ads:
Harness the power of Google Ads to effectively advertise your business online. Gain valuable insights and become Google Ads Certified, positioning yourself for success in the world of digital advertising.

2️⃣ Google For Education:
Educators, students, and school leaders can thrive in the K12 or Higher Education space through Google’s curated set of training resources. Grow your knowledge and explore innovative ways to support learning.

3️⃣ Google Marketing Platform:
Achieve your marketing objectives and unlock your full potential with Google Marketing Platform. Gain the skills and certifications necessary to excel in this dynamic field.

4️⃣ Google Analytics:
Master the art of data-driven decision-making with Google Analytics. Understand user behavior, track website performance, and optimize your online presence like never before.

5️⃣ YouTube:
For managed Music, Enterprise, Media partners, and Content ID partners, YouTube offers specialized courses to help you maximize your channel’s potential and reach your audience effectively.

6️⃣ Google Ad Manager:
Publisher University has now joined forces with Skillshop! Discover our new content that will elevate your proficiency with our Publisher tools. Unleash the full potential of Google Ad Manager.

7️⃣ Waze Academy:
Explore the power of Waze Ads and learn how to transform your location into a destination. Unlock the potential of this innovative advertising platform and reach your target audience effectively.

8️⃣ Google AdMob:
Manage your inventory and boost revenue with Google AdMob. Gain insights into mobile app monetization and explore strategies to optimize your ad performance.

9️⃣ Authorised Buyers:
Interested in becoming an Authorised Buyer? Learn the ins and outs of the program and gain a deeper understanding of the workflow. Start your journey as an Authorised Buyer today.

🔟 Google Digital Garage:
Looking to accelerate your career or business? Dive into Google Digital Garage’s online courses covering a range of digital skills, from marketing to coding and beyond. Unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Don’t miss out on these simple yet effective opportunities to expand your skillset and business and stay ahead of the curve. Invest in your professional development and watch your career & business grow! ✨💼✨


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