Website regularly being Built & not just Bought. What does it take in a nutshell

Check out and the The Furniture Centre – Maps Page

We’ve built this Google page and Website from scratch
– Website
– Photos
– Domains
– Hosting
– Traffic
– Payment Portal’s
– Deliveries
– Funnell
– Links
– Seo
– Quality
– Writing
– Plug Ins
and so on, thankfully this is all I can remember for now.

And the main reason it does so well in my opinion is its got that real feel factor about it its not like most conventional sites. RYT me and the costomer don’t want that, their is loads a Google pages and websites like that. We want something different that people know they can trust ‘yes’ but mainly know the quality of the product as shown and is transparent consistency that’s why we don’t tend to use stock images, high tickets items are hard sales! they take alot of work this site has around 10’000 images with 10’000s of different subject matters.

I wanted to show some images of this as I had them on file too show the reason for the influx, Website should be trated like a business you work on it and in it, or you will never see the returns like you’ll see with this site and other sites. You will build your business around it..

80 percent of costomers view a local store within a week before visiting

This site sells all day every day and for very good reason..
Mentioned.. I’ll explain more on it soon



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