RYT Media how it became and why we’re important and improving businesses

RYT Media began as a company focused on enhancing Google My Business listings through door-to-door visits. What we discovered was that many businesses had similar cookie-cutter setups and operations. After speaking with about 20 businesses daily, we realized that most shared the same goal of growing their business and increasing profits but lacked the time or expertise to do so. RYT Media addresses this by taking charge of their digital presence and offering guidance and execution for ideas, websites, keywords, and data analysis.


Over the years, our collaboration expanded to include partners like Google, and as of summer 2023, we’ve had face-to-face discussions with over 2,000 business owners and have worked closely with 115 of them.


Our approach lets business owners excel in their strengths while we excel in bringing customers and closing sales. With our skilled team in web development, accounting, Google representation, business development, and graphic design, we eliminate the need for a single hire costing €100,000 of thousands. Instead, you get a high-caliber team for the price of a staff member, with a combined annual salary valued at a few 100k, you’ve got their experience and their know how, usually with a willingness to get it done


Start today with Jordan Kidney at RYT Media for 295.00 and get your first month half price, which includes a new website development plan, Maps listing, seo content and much more today!


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Jordan Kidney

Google Authorized Representative
Founder RYT Media Ltd. Ireland, England & Wales
Phone: +353 (87) 399 9924