Google Meet and Keep How does it work ?

Capture what’s on your mind & my tip of the Day RYT

Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep.

Google keep is very good for when you’re on the move when you think of that new idea take out your phone, type in ‘Keep’ open the app, type your idea and it reminds me or us to implement it

I am at the stage where I have 100s if not thousands of ideas in here over a few years because it is so easy to get the idea to stick, half the battle is writing it down ‘typing’ as they say.
And I believe it!

And most of which have been implemented, the best ideas come when you least expect as we also know again so basically what I’m saying is besides us, here’s your next best thing

Tip of The Day: Buy A Copy Book For Each section of your business like when you were in school, social, accounts, ideas, plans, year one. year two, staff, spending, projections, targets, marketing, structure, path to purchase, what can I automate, things we need lay them all out a pick topics relevent and work on what matters

Spend 10 to 15 minutes after work each evening or as your days go by filling in each book, page by page or whenever.

P.s This works for anyone looking to switch it up I am just using this analogy

It creates a great sense of direction and structure. And ideas and creativity will flow !!


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