The Only Image Optimization & Top Ranking Tips from Google

Make a shine with results…

Staying organised and in control of your images will have a big impact on your sites & Google performance leaving overall lasting success.

Here are a few bonus tips to help you manage your WordPress Google Page etc. images.

Did you know that your WordPress images can attract more visitors to your website with organic SEO? Especially when they are matching cross platfrom

By performing some minor tweaks to each image you upload, you can give your images a great shot at showing at the top of google images, search & maps.

Here’s how:

Title Tags
Title tags can give clues to search engines to help them understand what your image is about.

So instead of uploading img_45632.jpg update the title to something more accurate and descriptive -> like ryt-media-london-business-development-marketing-agency.jpg.

Alt Tags
‘Alt’ tags (alternative text) are used within HTML code to describe the image (media marketing agency).

Alt tags tell search engines like Google what your images are about and if optimised correctly, can help your images show up at the top of Google and increase the traffic of your site.

High Quality Stock Photos

Stock photos are a fantastic tool when your short on time (or budget) and want some good quality images quickly. Don’t be afraid to add in some stock photos to make your posts stand out and keep readers engaged.

How ever using real life images that are fresh and relevant, are a key factor in building trust, active life within the business leads to an active impressions which turn into conversions.

WordPress & Google Image Optimisation Tips For Long Lasting SEO & Top Google Ranking Factor’s across Google – Search & Maps …

Make your site shine in with lasting results…




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