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💸 How we make money for this local restaurant 💰

Let’s dive into some metrics att; below.

– Everyone here has likely heard about The Yellow Submarine, Fermoy, the local fast food restaurant of the famous Liverpool Chef, John Mount, his achievements include winning Irish Best Chef, best up-and-coming restaurant, and many others.

Progress Update:
Over the past few weeks/months, my/our efforts in promoting The Yellow Submarine have begun to show real rewards. The local SEO work is driving a lot of website traffic and conversions. The engagement ratio is also very good, with most users on our first build of the website after testing, spending an average of one minute on the site and converting very well as seen in the attachments.

Social media traffic has also been positive. John himself manages the social media presence for The Yellow Submarine, and he’s been able to get some of Ireland’s biggest influencers from all over the country involved. Proving to be the second highest revenue source.

Results: In the last 28 days, we’ve helped influence over 400 direction requests, and over 330 calls, and helped the brand to be found over 14,000 times easily – and that’s just through our efforts, not including social media. We’re also converting over 1 in every 10 people who search for us or a similar service on our website & 1 in 6 on our Google Listing.

Our work here is very simple and straightforward. It features product images with a clear call to action button in the corner for ordering and collecting, good SEO, and branding that is easy to find online.

20 X DEVELOPMENTS PLEASE SEE BELOW – If you are or have or know someone in the hospitality industry looking to grow I’d love to hear from you 🙂–4LY?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop


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