Proven SEO since 2019: Min of 350K for this Furniture Store Client Annually in Cork

t: €350,000 X in Annual Sales Potential with SEO💸

PS This is a proven strategy, I have built from scratch over 5 years for this client with multiple other systems, this is just the tip of this systemised revenue stream!

So lets talk Money,

Want to attract customers who are already searching for you, or get innovative to find more revenue streams?

Many businesses throw money at ads (Making money & spending money) only to realize later it’s a short-term solution for a long-term problem.

Spending money on ads only to interest the customer, who then finds your website organically ranked high in search results.

SEO: Your Long-Term Growth Engine

With SEO, it takes time to build, but it positions your website organically at the top of search results (Long-term solution, now it’s only a short-term problem).

Here’s why SEO is powerful:

People search before they buy. Imagine someone searching for your product and seeing your business listed first with great visuals, descriptions, and easy contact options. They’d click on you, just like you would!

Organic results get more clicks. People trust organic listings more than ads.

Leverage SEO Strategically

Run targeted ads for a short time to gather data on your audience.

Analyze the data to see which products and descriptions convert best. This helps you build a strong foundation for future growth.

Build products, not just websites. People search for solutions and sometimes directly for products, so prioritize creating high-quality products that address their needs.

By focusing on SEO and building valuable products, you’ll attract qualified leads and grow sustainably!

The potential for €350,000 in annual sales with SEO highlights its long-term impact. While this assumes selling one of each product, SEO’s ongoing efforts can lead to many more sales as your website gains authority.

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P.S. The image you shared showcases growth from developing a product. This ongoing process will continue to improve your website’s performance.


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