We Look at a business, inside and out, data, visualize growth and most importantly in person

We Find easy and flexible ways of providing lasting growth analogies, when your brand needs to last.

We Find Solutions, implement the service, record the data and move onto the next piece we think like the business owner does, the manager, the marketer does etc. our involvement and investment in your business works when we can implement value, on and ongoing basis this is what our core task is on a personal but business level.

While elevating time and pressure, we’re generating you money, we’re usually the cheapest member of the team with the highest R.O.I return on investment

How many of your employees or memebers of staff if any* come to you with good ideas, that they or you can implement, if they do it’s at a cost of your time, as you have to find someone etc. and you usually can’t afford or budget for them to fail, you’ve other things to do that they are good at and so on, we work on a no win no fee type basis if what we implement doesn’t work we work untill we find something that does but what we do is proven to work as it’s used and seen everyday.

This is our goal no matter what the brand or business, working with companies like Google and 100s of other brand or Companies means we can bring proven concepts into your business, that you might not always see, have the time to implement or drive

it’s really that simple, we consistency feed ideas through the pipe line. But their is no action without a reaction in what we do so that’s why we use data.

If you make money, and are receiving a consistent liner growth, the service starts and we will build on that together ❤️ 💪

The RYT way to do business, because the money we bring into the business should only be a fraction of what you put in every single month so we grow, grow and grow..

Prices start from 295.00 for a fully personal development plan #investment that’s around 5 pages long, #ideabox

Backed with actionable idea’s you can implement or we can for you.



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Jordan Kidney

Google Authorized Representative
Founder RYT Media Ltd. Ireland, England & Wales
Phone: +353 (87) 399 9924