“How do I manage my Clients: Partnering in Progress!” Quick Insight

This week, the clients we worked with were all clients that are on retainers.

One was advertising on the radio and was hoping to gain more business for brand awareness, then asked me to keep an eye on the traffic count to see if there was much growth, in which there was a 20 percent growth in direct hits.

We also redesigned a new header for their website, which was an interactive slider built upon the WordPress platform.

Tomorrow we will call in-store to take more new photos of the products to keep the page more up-to-date and informative, showing what’s in stock and recent changes, etc.

Updating their Google pages, updating each other, photos, products in-store and online, pricing and idea’s in motion.

Next, we will do an SEO audit to see what keywords we could be targeting on Google. And then cross-reference them with our competition and competitors. I could also easily work out how much money we could gain from this.

For example: if we come up for ‘food shop near me,’ but we only have 100 hits in a population of 10,000, then we know something needs to be fixed.

Other things like sharing file folders, keeping up with maintenance, and making sure everything is running smoothly and keeping in touch, as we do all the time, are very important factors. Checking out other websites for design ideas, seeing why customers are converting, and also economics are a significant part of any website or business. So, around October, it’s important to do a little bit more because it’s not really buying season; it’s quite a bit colder this time of year. So, keeping up with market trends, e-commerce, and economics are all regularly in our sight and thoughts.

Keeping in touch is also very important. If a business owner, CEO, or manager has an idea, you’ve got to catch their idea while it’s fresh.”

Finding the RYT people is one thing, but getting the idea and the plan out their and in motion is another


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